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Domme Maggie





My personality is very diverse, like a Multi Faceted Diamond.

Yet, can be hard and unyielding and cool to the touch.. 

much like a fine piece of Jade.


I enjoy the Arts, Reading, Music, Travel and History.

I am relaxed attending cultural events and adore dressing to the Nine's, as they say.


I have pushed the edge of the envelope, for me, 

with Skydiving, White water rafting, and I have a motorcycle 

and private pilots license.



 Age Play

 Cross Dressing



 Body Worship



 Sensation Play



 Podophilia (foot fetish)

 Suspension Bondage





 Cage Play


 Retifism(shoes or boots)

 T.E.N.S. Play



 Role Play 

 Torture Rack

 Chastity      Devices


 Sensory Depravation


 Coffin Play



 Violet Wand

 Corporal Punishment

 Forced Feminization











As a Professional Domina, I abide by and adhere to 

ALL State Laws Governing my profession.


You are NOT Booking an Escort, So DO NOT ASK 


Expect Sex Of Any Kind During Our Time Together.

I will not participate in any ANAL ACTS 

ACTS Of Sexual Penetration 

Nor Anything that is considered Illegal under the State's Laws.


I do not participate in Asphyxiaphilia (breath play)

I do not participate in Coprophilia (shit play)

I do not participate in Klismophilia (douching / enemas)

I do not do play with Blood Sports

I do not do any extreme Masochism


I will not see any client using drugs, or that has been drinking.


I do not see ANYONE under LEGAL AGE

Your Flippant remarks or condescending attitude 

will end your session immediately. 

Or possibly, not allowing you to book one in the first place.

You have been allowed to book with me for 


I expect cleanliness at all times. 
If you show up smelling like you just came off the farm, 

you will be required to take a shower before we play, 

and this time will be deducted from your booked time.


Do Not ASSUME you can TOP from the BOTTOM

It's not going to happen.

If That is what you are interested in, 

Don't waste OUR time. Find Someone else.

There is a saying on the www, that being 

MMV= Mileage May Vary
This means what I did with someone else, 

I may not do with you and vice versa.
So show up all fresh & clean being a good little sub while showing respect and we shall have a most enjoyable time together..