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Tour The Dungeon

We are proud of our facility.  At 7500 square feet, it is one of the largest dungeons in the country.  We have been operating since July, 2000 and are continuing to develop.  The owners recognized there was a need for a place for the local community to gather for socializing and for play time.  The local BDSM community has been very supportive through donations and through using the facility to help pay the bills.   It has been a win-win situation.

We want to point out that this building used to be an industrial warehouse.  When you look at the pictures, you may see some cracks or staining on the floors.  Rest assured that the floors are clean.  We mop the floors each week to the point that you can see the shine in some of the photos.

Sanctuary  is a safe place to meet and play.  The equipment is routinely inspected and maintained.  If problems are found, they are fixed or the equipment is taken out of service.  The facilities have been inspected by local police, fire marshal, city code enforcement, health department, and others.  Each time, we explain what we do, tour the facility with them, point out our rules that are posted for people to read and review, and each time we are inspected, we are informed that we are operating within the bounds of the local laws and ordinances.

We accept donations of equipment.  If you see something in our dungeon you would like to buy, talk to us; pretty much anything here is available for sale.  If you are someone who likes building or making toys or furniture, talk to us about displaying your wares. 

We are routinely rearranging and adding new equipment so we have updated our tour to be a little more up to date.  Thanks to Uncle Eric and Master Al for his help in taking these pictures for us!

We hope you enjoy the tour!


 The Reception Area

When you first enter Sanctuary Dallas you will be greeted with a smile and welcomed to the family.  At this time you'll be asked for your name and to sign-in.  If you have not been to the Sanctuary  before, you will be given a release form to read and sign.  This is also where you can discuss buying a membership, if you are interested.




The Social Area

One major difference you will see when you compare our facility to others is the dedication to comfort and social areas.  We have a social area that is segregated from the dungeon to give people an area to mingle, chat, share ideas, etc.  We have a table where we have sodas and snack foods available for guests.

The chairs are comfortable giving you a place to relax a little before and after a scene.  This is also the place where local groups host their munches before their party each month. We have many beautiful area rugs on the walls and floors to help warm the rooms and create a more comfortable atmosphere.

There are magazines for your reading pleasure and we also show movies for your enjoyment.

Notice the artwork on the walls and the display cabinets?   This is where some of the local crafts persons display their skills and sell their merchandise.  Feel free to inquire if you would like to own some of these items

Please click on the picture to view the image full size.



Front Dungeon Area

As you exit the Social area and pass our display of locally made toys and equipment you enter the Front Dungeon, affectionately referred to as "The Throne Room".  In this room you'll find several pieces of handmade equipment made by Sanctuary's very own volunteers.  There is a throne, several spanking benches, a stretching station, a working Medieval stretching rack, St Andrews crosses, cages, a rack full of toys that may be borrowed for play, and more.  Towards the rear of this dungeon is a platform used for our slave auctions and demos.  Throughout the dungeon we have comfortable chairs and sofas.  These are great for sitting around watching a good scene take place or they are good for snuggling/cuddling with a subbie after a good session.  This is one thing that sets us off from a lot of other dungeons - comfort.

Please click on the image to view the picture full-size.

(note) some of the images are bright.  We had to turn the lights all the way up for the pictures.  The dungeon is normally dark, lit with candles and low-lighting.  This gives the dungeon a very Medieval darkness.




Back Dungeon Area

And if you thought the look of wonderment and awe was on the face of a new visitor when they went into the front dungeon, you should see how they react to the rear dungeon!  This is a spanker's delight combined with some seriously sensuous equipment for your play time fantasies.

There are spanking benches, St Andrews crosses, suspension equipment, floating tables, cages, stocks, and more!  What else could one hope for?  If it is not here, talk to us and we may commission someone to build it!  For the serious scene player, this is your room.